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Students gain workforce experience through part-time jobs
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       At 3:04 p.m. students are released from school to do things that they see beneficial to them. Most students participate in sports or continue their school work at home; however, some students at PHS find an after-school job to keep them occupied.

      "Working at our local grocery store has provided me opportunities to make connections throughout our community and also has given me a way to start saving for college," senior Logan Solida said.

     With limited options for work in a small town, students get creative to find work. From the grocery store, coffee shop, and even some hired hands students at PHS search high and low for a job.

     "I started working for my friend's dad, as a hired hand, my freshman year and I really like it. I get to work on their farm fixing fence, moving cows, and spraying weeds. This job has given me something to do after school other than drive around wasting my time," senior Jaret Shelton said.

      However, Phillips County recognized the few options the town generated for high school kids.

     "As Phillips County Chamber Organizer I really saw some of these high school kids struggling to find jobs. At one of our meeting I brought it up and everyone agreed there was a lack of jobs here for high school students. So we put in our Next-Gen Internship Program. This allows funding for businesses to hire part-time kids," Angie Wells said. 

     As soon as the Next-Gen was started, many high school kids jumped on board and started filling out applications. 

      "Without this program, I would have never gotten the job at H&R Block. They have never hired students to work part-time. This job has really given me some insight into how things are run with a business like them. Most of the time I scan and file papers, answer phone calls, and do whatever my boss needs me to do," junior Abbey Hoover said. 

     But as school comes to the end many students join the Phillipsburg Aquatic Center as Lifeguards. 42 applicants with only 27 spots available many rush to apply and interview. 

     "I was excited to get the lifeguard job, because I already go to the pool a lot. It is also good experience for me in high school so I can learn how to work with people and get a good resume started," junior Lexie Wood.

    With many students already in the workforce part-time, they will be prepared when it comes to work full-time. Experience and cooperation and much needed skill already being obtained by PHS students.

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